For Students

Please use the following form to report any absences that you have from either Performances or out-of-school-day-rehearsals.  You may either email a copy to the Director or print this out and submit a physical copy to the Director (in slot outside of Band Office marked “Director Mail.”).

Student Absence Form

As Google Doc As PDF File – .pdf

Policy For Absences

Any absences from performances require at least 4 weeks notice in order to be excused. Absences from rehearsals outside of the school day require at least 2 weeks notice to be excused. All planned absences must be cleared with director, regardless of circumstance, with the exception of severe family emergency or illness documented by a physician. All absence circumstances
will be handled on a case by case basis.

School policy dictates that students who participate in more than one Sherando sponsored activity that occurs at the same time are permitted to choose which activity they will participate in, and this does not follow the 4 week/2 week policy. Every effort should be made to plan well ahead, and communication with director well in advance will only help everyone involved.

As needed, the student will either be notified by Director through their school email and/or verbally if absence is considered excused or unexcused. Every effort will be made to work with the student to ensure all parts of the situation are handled with proper respect and care. Well in advance communication of any potential absences will always be the best case scenario. Please email the Director with questions as needed.