1. During the sign up process, you will be asked to enter an Enrollment Code.
You can find this code in the Band Newsletters, or by contacting the Band Boosters.

2. Then, use the Enrollment Code to “Join an existing program”
on the RaiseRight Account sign up page.

About RaiseRight

It’s easy and more convenient than selling goods or recruiting volunteers. Earn money for your student’s personal band account by buying gift cards to use for everyday purchases, instead of cash or credit cards. A percentage of each gift card purchase goes directly to your student!

Benefits of Using RaiseRight

  • Unlimited earning potential with no restrictions
  • Year-round fundraising, without extra effort
  • Everyday earning through everyday spending
  • Brands give back generously

How to Get Started as a Participant

How to Earn with Online Payments 

See other participant videos on the RaiseRight website.