Monthly Booster Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7PM in the Band Room.

Who are the Band Boosters?

The Sherando High School Band Boosters is an organization with the sole purpose of supporting the Sherando Band.

​The booster support begins where the school support ends. The boosters provide assistance for the band director, music and show support, uniforms, equipment, guard director, percussion director, transport equipment to events, scholarships, and band trips.

All active band parents are welcome members of the organization. The board represents the membership. For this reason, we have General Membership Meetings to determine the will of the membership. Anyone can participate in the General Membership Meetings and observe the Board meetings.

​How do the Boosters raise money to support the band? Special events or fundraisers are carried out by the membership throughout the school year. These events represent the hard work of parents and students. For the Boosters to be successful, the entire membership is needed to take part. No matter how great or small your support may be, the Boosters need everyone working together and carrying their part of the load.

Please use the website, come to meetings, contact board and committee members to see how you can help and be active in your organization. The Boosters is your organization.