Page Updated: August 15, 2023

Click on each button in the sections below and make sure to download the appropriate music for your instrument. At the bottom of the page, you will be able to find a copy of your marching drill dot sheet.

2023 Warm Up Music

Click the links shown below, and be sure to print out the copy for your instrument.

Chord Progressions

Download Music
Warm Up Chorale

Download Music
Tuning Sequence

Download Music
Tone and Technique

Download Music

Stands Tunes
These are played during home football games and will be made available to students via Google Classroom leading up to the first game.

Note: Winds and Drumline students will need to have a music lyre and a flip folder to hold their music in the stands for football games. 

2023 Show Music – “From the Ashes”

Available Now
Click the links below to view, practice, and print out your copies of our 2023 Field Show, “From the Ashes”.

Opener (Song 1)

Download Music

Ballad (Song 2)

Download Music

Closer (Song 3)

Download Music


We will be using “Ultimate Drill Book” on cell phones as our primary drill learning resource this year!

The Ensemble code and Ensemble password will be messaged out from section leaders and/or from the director through Remind.

Below is a helpful demo video to watch to be prepared for how the program works and helpful tips/tricks:

Drill Charts/”Dot” Coordinate Sheets/Video Animations

Find your “Label” on the dot sheet links below, screen shot it (or print it) and you’re all set to go!  You will also find drill production videos as well, which can help you see the full view of the show drill (generated from the drill writing computer program).