2023-2024 Awards and Honors

VBODA Virginia Honor Band

  • ​22nd in school history

“Blast in the Draft” Marching Competition
Stuarts Draft High School
September 16, 2023

  • Score: 83.0
  • 3rd Place Overall (out of 20 bands)
  • 1st Place Music
  • 1st Place Percussion
  • 3rd Place Color Guard
  • 3rd Place Visual
  • 6th Place General Effect

“Parade of Champions” Marching Competition
James Madison University
October 7, 2023

  • 4th Place – Class 5A (out of 7 bands)
  • 6th Place Overall (out of 45 bands)
  • 1st Place Visual General Effect
  • 2nd Place Individual Visual Performance
  • 2nd Place Percussion Performance
  • 3rd Place General Effect Overall
  • 3rd Place Visual Performance Overall
  • 5th Place Music Performance Overall

VBODA State Marching Assessment
Massaponax High School
October 21, 2023

  • Rating: Superior
  • Straight ones (Unanimous Superior ratings from each judge)
  • 7th Straight Year of Unanimous Superior Ratings at VBODA Marching Assessment

VMBC State Championships
Liberty University
October 28, 2023

Preliminary Round Results – Group 4 Class (7 groups competing)

  • VMBC Score: 90.425 (1.85 from 1st Place)
  • 4th Place Overall
  • 3rd Place Ensemble Music
  • 3rd Place General Effect Music
  • 4th Place Percussion Performance
  • 4th Place Color Guard Performance

Championship Finals Results

  • VMBC Score: 88.463
  • 11th Place Overall (out of 13 finalist bands)
  • 9th Place Visual Performance
  • 10th Place Music Overall
  • 10th Place General Effect Music

AIA Competition
Forest Park High School
February 3, 2024

  • Winter Guard
    • Class CGSA3, 3rd Place Overall (out of 11 units competing)
    • AIA Score – 57.79
    • 4th Place – Equipment
    • 4th Place – Movement
    • 5th Place – Design
    • 5th Place – General Effect
  • Indoor Percussion
    • Class PSA, 1st Place Overall
    • AIA Score – 66.45
    • 2nd Place – Music
    • 1st Place – Music Effect
    • 1st Place – Visual
    • 1st Place – Visual Effect

AIA Competition
Woodgrove High School
February 24, 2024

  • Winter Guard
    • Class CGSA3, 3rd Place Overall (out of 5 units competing)
    • AIA Score – 60.33
    • 3rd Place – Equipment
    • 5th Place – Movement
    • 2nd Place – Design
    • 2nd Place – General Effect
  • Indoor Percussion
    • Class PSA, 5th Place Overall (out of 9 units competing)
    • AIA Score – 73.45
    • 5th Place – Music
    • 4th Place – Music Effect
    • 6th Place – Visual
    • 4th Place – Visual Effect

AIA Competition
Sherando High School
Sherando Showcase
March 9, 2024

  • Winter Guard
    • Class CGSA3, 2rd Place Overall (out of 5 units competing)
    • AIA Score – 70.77
    • 2nd Place – Equipment
    • 2nd Place – Movement
    • 1st Place – Design
    • 2nd Place – General Effect
  • Indoor Percussion
    • Class PSA, 2nd Place Overall (out of 7 units competing)
    • AIA Score – 77.30
    • 2nd Place – Music
    • 1st Place – Music Effect
    • 3rd Place – Visual
    • 2nd Place – Visual Effect

AIA Competition
South County High School
March 23, 2024

  • Winter Guard
    • Class CGSA3, 7th Place Overall (out of 14 units competing)
    • AIA Score – 71.60
    • 8th Place – Equipment
    • 11th Place – Movement
    • 6th Place – Design
    • 5th Place – General Effect
  • Indoor Percussion
    • Class PSA, 4th Place Overall (out of 14 units competing)
    • AIA Score – 77.40
    • 3rd Place – Music
    • 5th Place – Music Effect
    • 2nd Place – Visual
    • 7th Place – Visual Effect

AIA North Championships
Hampton Coliseum
April 6-7, 2024

  • Winter Guard
    • Class CGSA3
      • 4th Place (out of 9 units in Blue Round)
      • 5th Place Overall (18 units in class)
    • AIA Score – 76.255
    • 4th Place – Equipment
    • 6th Place – Movement
    • 3rd Place – Design
    • 3rd Place – General Effect
  • Indoor Percussion
    • Class PSA, 9th Place Overall (out of 17 units competing)
    • AIA Score – 75.175
    • 8th Place – Music
    • 8th Place – Music Effect
    • 14th Place – Visual
    • 17th Place – Visual Effect

2023-2024 Sherando Band Booster Welcome

Hello Sherando Band Family,

My name is Adam Stein, and I am the Band Booster President for the 2023-2024 school year. On behalf of the entire Band Booster Board, it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to each of you. The band department at Sherando has a wonderful history, and I am thrilled to have you here as a part of our community of dedicated parents, and supportive volunteers.

I’m a proud Sherando Band alumnus myself, and now my wife, Devon, and I have the pleasure of watching our two kids experience the band program. Jackson, is a junior and will be playing mellophone during marching season. Eva, is in the 8th grade at Aylor, but will be a Marching Warrior as a part of the color guard – an exciting opportunity provided to 8th graders for the first time this school year! 

As nice as it was for me to be part of the band all those years ago, those memories and feelings simply don’t compare to the excitement, joy, and pride I feel now as a parent. Watching our kids, their bandmates, and the incredible band staff and leadership work to achieve the goals they set for themselves each year is amazing. The band is in good hands and they are ready for a successful year.

We, as the Band Boosters, can help to play a positive role in the success of the band. Our Booster organization exists for the sole purpose of supporting the Sherando Band. This support basically comes down to two things: fundraising and volunteering. Your participation is vital to our ability to reach our musical and financial goals. There are many ways – beyond financial donations – you can help the band. Volunteering and actively participating in your child’s band experience is encouraged. Even if your children won’t say this to you out loud, they need and WANT you to participate. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, is valued and appreciated. Volunteering is available at all comfort levels – from donating water bottles, to chaperoning band trips, and everything in between! 

I know getting started can be intimidating and scary. Believe me when I tell you, If you just jump in and get your feet wet, I don’t think you’ll regret it. 

Here are some ways that you can get involved this school year:

  1. Stay up to date on Volunteer Opportunities.
  2. Plan to attend our monthly Band Booster meetings, on the first Wednesday of each month. These meeting are an excellent occasion to meet other band parents and exchange ideas.

To stay updated with all the latest news and announcements, I encourage you to read the regular email newsletters which contain reminders, volunteer opportunities, and important information that you won’t want to miss. Also, follow the Sherando Band accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Most importantly, check the band calendar on our website often, especially during marching season. It is a vital tool to keep track of everything band related: https://www.sherandoband.org/calendar/

I look forward to meeting new faces and welcoming back the familiar faces from previous years! 

Adam Stein
President, Sherando Band Booster Association